As well as teaching Yoga, I can also offer complimentary therapies such as Reflexology & Thai Yoga Massage. 
I am  a qualified Reflexologist and Thai Yoga Massage therapist, registered  the Thai Healing Alliance.
I am fully insured to practice both reflexology and Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga massage

Traditional Thai Massage, often now referred to as Thai Yoga Massage, is a deeply healing form of massage which combines elements of Ayurvedic massage, Indian yoga postures, Chinese acupressure, reflexology and meditation.

A session lasts from 1-2 hours and is tailor made to meet your individual needs and requirements to relieve pain and tension, improve flexibility and mobility and treat your specific issues.

Given fully clothed, traditional Thai yoga massage is performed on a futon on the floor with the patient wearing loose comfortable clothing.



Reflexology is a non intrusive complimentary therapy based on the theory that different points of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that working these points or areas aids relaxation and helps improve well being.

Each treatment is tailored to meet the individual and involves foot or hand massage with pressure being applied to different points. Each session takes about an hour and a full assessment of specific issues is completed before your first treatment.

Many clients find their session deeply relaxing, allowing the mind and body to relax, many people feel refreshed and destressed afterwards.