Benefits of Yoga

Yoga  increases flexibility, stamina, builds strength and improves posture. Most people find increased levels of energy and an enhanced feeling of well  being. Regular practice of yoga increases awareness and brings emotional stability and inner peace.

Yoga is great for stress – it  helps  relax the body  and mind. Students often tell me they sleep well after class.

Yoga for health and well being –  Yoga can help support  the body in the healing process after injury or illness.  I offer restorative  gentler workshops for people recovering from chronic illness,  recent injury or needing deep relaxation. It helps you listen to your body.

Yoga for emotional health– Yoga can help you manage stress,  anxiety, and  depression.

Yoga for strength – builds muscle and core strength,  the poses help build up  muscle strength.

Yoga for posture -it helps corrects posture,  can help with  lower back pain  and  stiff shoulders especially if we are sitting at a desk  all day or driving for our job.

Yoga for flexibility–  reduces muscles tightness and improves flexibility.

And most importantly, Yoga  can make you feel great!